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A significant communications systems firm was struggling with its core business and was also feeling pressured by underperformance at several companies it had acquired and which were no longer strategic.  One particular unit had gained recognition as a leader in specialized systems for high capacity, high reliability.  It had received over $30 million in funding from the parent, had numerous patents and an OEM agreement with a major vendor.  However its costs were out of line, its customer was unhappy and substantial management turmoil existed.  In a short period of time LAI’s partner was able to explore the available options other than a complete shutdown of the operation.  He was able to ascertain that the patents had substantial potential value and that a next generation product, although late, met the needs of several customers and competitors.  These discussions resulted in the completion of a sale of the assets to an aggressive emerging firm that he identified and worked with over several months and that went onto to dominate its sector.